Our program combines safety awareness education with martial arts/karate/self-defense instruction. Weekly safety tips address the lures strangers use on children and teens, as well as home-alone safety. We teach self-defense skills effective against “bullies” and “strangers” and a full range of marital arts/karate/self-defense techniques necessary for ranking purposes from White Belt to Black Belt. Youths participating in this program gain new skills, improve coordination and concentration, self-discipline, and self-confidence. Throughout the year we host karate tournaments just for our students. Family and friends are invited to watch their “Young Champion” compete! Boys and girls ages 4 and above are invited to enroll in this comprehensive self-defense and martial arts program.

Martial arts/karate/self-defense classes meet once a week. Uniforms, training, and safety equipment are available for purchase at class and online.

 Classes:  Each week instructors will demonstrate each new technique breaking it into steps with verbal cues. When demonstrating new techniques and reviewing old techniques. Instructors also incorporate equipment activities in class practicing on Body Shields and Blockers. These actives allow instructors to use drill concepts in the explanations and demonstrations instructors give when working with the equipment. Repetition and execution and application of these concepts facilitate the learning process. All Instructors use a curriculum to prepare students for tournament events and evaluations to advance in belts.


Tournaments: Run 4 times a year, one at the end of each session. Where students can compete in one or multiple events. All students receive a participation trophy when attending the tournament. For each event you participate in your child will have the opportunity to place for an additional trophy or medal depending on the event.



For White, Yellow, and Orange Belts

 1st—4th Place Trophies awarded. Competitors of the same belt color compete by demonstrating their most impressive techniques: kicks, blocks, and strikes (see list of techniques). The Judges call out the techniques to be performed by the student; two judges then score the student on the quality of technique and kiwi!


For White & Yellow Belts

 1st—3rd Place Olympics Medallions awarded.

As students run the Gauntlet, they demonstrate

Escape Maneuvers learned in class specific to this timed event.


For Orange & Purple Belts

 1st—3rd Place Olympics Medallions awarded.

As students run the Gauntlet, they demonstrate

Escape Maneuvers 5, 6, Combination Blocks,

Reverse Punch, Jumping Front Snap Kick.


For Purple, Green, Blue, Red, Brown, and Black Belts

 1st—4th Place Trophies awarded. Students will demonstrate a variety of techniques/moves with loud kiais to impress the Judges! Students may perform Form I or Form II, or create their own form using the techniques they have learned in class. Students creating a form should have at least 16-20 moves in it and move in various directions.


For All Belts

1st—3rd Place Olympic Medallions awarded.

Students compete in divisions of similar rank and age. All belt levels execute a Reverse Punch to a calibrated body shield. Each competitor punches the shield 3 times to receive 3 scores. All 3 scores are totaled for a grand total.


For All Belts

 1st—3rd Place Olympic Medallions awarded.

Students compete in divisions of similar rank and age. White, Yellow, and Orange Belts execute a Front Snap Kick to a calibrated body shield. Purple to Black Belt students execute their strongest Side Kick. Each competitor kicks the shield 3 times to

receive 3 scores. All 3 scores are totaled for a grand total.


For All Belts

 1st—4th Place Trophies awarded. Students compete in divisions of similar rank and age. Each match is 3 minutes or 3 points earned, whichever comes first. The first student to score three points wins. If the 3-minute mark is up, the student with most points wins. A point is earned when the competitor executes a kick or strike to the target zone without it being blocked. The target zone is the stomach and chest, above the belt, and below the shoulders. At all belt levels, “light touch” in the target zone is necessary for a point to be awarded.

Advance in belt ranking

Every session on the second to last class students will be involved in evaluation for advancement. Beginners (White Belts) will be evaluated for their Yellow Belt and higher ranking students for their next belt level. Beginning with the Yellow Belt, all solid colored belts are 1st Degree in Rank. Each colored belt designating a 2nd Degree will have a white stripe running down the center of the entire length of the belt. Each colored belt designating a 3rd Degree will have a black stripe running down the center of the entire length of the belt.

Due next week: The Advancement Fee which covers the cost of the Belt and certificate.

If paying weekly, this is in addition to the weekly class fee.

  • Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green, Blue, Red Belts – $15 Testing fee
  • Brown Belts – $30 Testing fee with application
  • Black Belt – $40 Testing fee with application

Young Champions Belt Ranking System/ Order Of Ranking

Our Belt Ranking System has been set up in proportion to the amount of time we are able to see our students through the course of a session. Most of the students will advance in rank. The requirements for advancement are as follows: at least 80% attendance (missed lessons can be made up), positive attitude, proficiency in self-defense and martial arts skills.  As a student progresses through the belt ranks, it is not uncommon for a few top students to skip a degree.

However, students can skip only one degree at a time! There will be no skipping of degrees from Red Belt to Black Belt and evaluation will be done by Instructor invitation only. Black Belt testing will be conducted by your Instructor. We are confident in our Instructor’s ability to evaluate the student’s level of proficiency.

YELLOW BELT 1st degree  
YELLOW BELT 3rd  degree Black Stripe
ORANGE BELT 1st degree  
ORANGE BELT 2nd degree White Stripe
ORANGE BELT 3rd degree Black Stripe
PURPLE BELT 1st degree  
PURPLE BELT 2nd degree White Stripe
PURPLE BELT 3rd degree Black Stripe
GREEN BELT 1st degree  
GREEN BELT 2nd degree White Stripe
GREEN BELT 3rd degree Black Stripe
BLUE BELT 1st degree  
BLUE BELT 2nd degree White Stripe
BLUE BELT 3rd degree Black Stripe
RED BELT 1st degree  
RED BELT 2nd degree White Stripe
RED BELT 3rd degree Black Stripe
BROWN BELT 1st degree  
BROWN BELT 2nd degree White Stripe
BROWN BELT 3rd degree Black Stripe
JR. BLACK BELT 1st degree White Stripe
JR. BLACK BELT 2nd degree Red Stripe

To advance a student in rank beyond his or her true potential. Would only undermine the essence of what we are trying to teach the students: confidence in themselves and in their ability to accept their placement, and striving always to better themselves.

Young Champions Self-Defense Techniques/Ranking










Horse Stance

Self-Defense/Sparring Stance

Attention Stance



High Block

Low Block

Inside Block

Outside Block


Hand Techniques

Reverse Punch

Jab Punch

Mid Rear Elbow Strike (Stomach)



Front Snap Kick(Back Leg)

Side Kick (Sitting)

Side Kick (Front Leg)

Skip Side Kick (Front Leg)

Front Snap Kick (Stepping Forward)

Knee Strike (Back Leg)

Front Roundhouse Kick  (Front Leg)

1 Step Sparring


Escape Maneuvers#1 through #4

Work on stretching


Yellow Belt

Combo Block Punch

Guarding Block

Double Forearm Block

Low Rear Hammer Fist (Groin)


Press Kick (Shin) (Front Leg)

Front Kick (Front Leg)

Turning Roundhouse

Kick (Stepping Forward)

Back Kick.


Yellow w/Black Stripe

Foot Stomp

Palm Heel Push

(Front & Back Hand)

Knee Strike (Groin) (Front & Back Leg)

Skip Roundhouse Kick (Front Leg)

Step Jump Front Snap Kick

Stepping forward Back Kick

Mid Rear Elbow Strike


Escape Maneuvers

#1 through #5

Work on stretching & balance.



Orange Belt

Defensive Posture

Step-Away Blocking

Step-In Counter Attack

High Downward

Hammer Fist (Nose)

Inside Crescent Kick (Stepping Forward)

Outside Crescent Kick (Stepping Forward)

Knifehand Strike (Front & Back Hand)

Skip Front Kick (Front Leg)


Orange w/White Stripe

Ridgehand Strike (Front & Back Hand)

Ridge hand Strike to groin

Turning Side Kick (Stepping Forward)


Orange w/Black Stripe

Palm Heel Strike

Inside  Crescent Kick (Front Leg)

Outside Crescent Kick (Front Leg)

Mid-level Sweeping Elbow Strike


Escape Maneuver#1 through #6

Work on form & balance.

Purple Belt


Upward Elbow  Strike (Front & Back Arm)

Downward Elbow Strike (Front & Back Arm)

Scoop Kick (Groin)(Front & Back Leg)

Knee Strike (Thigh)(Back Leg)

Advanced Blocking (Back Arm)

High, Low, In, Out

Step-to –side Blocking



w/White Stripe


Reverse Turning

Side Kick Stepping Forward

Reverse Knifehand Strike (Front Hand)



w/Black Stripe

2 on 1 Sparring


Escape Maneuvers

#1 through  #7

Work on form, balance,  & flexibility.











Green Belt

Turning Backfist

Turning Reverse

Knifehand Strike

Turning Mid-Elbow Strike

Turning High Elbow Strike

Shuffle Step-in




w/White Stripe

Skip inside Crescent Kick (Front Leg)

Skip outside Crescent Kick (Front Leg)

Advanced Sparring




w/Black Stripe

Assistant Instructor

Training Begins

Front Kick from the ground

Open Hand Blocking (Front Hand)

Turning Back Kick Stepping Forward


Escape Maneuvers #1 through #9

Refine all previous techniques.

Continue working on form, balance, flexibility & speed.




Blue Belt

Downward Sweeping

Elbow Strike

(Front & Back Arm)

Upward Sweeping Elbow Strike

(Front & Back Arm)



w/White Stripe

Stepping Back

Back  Kick

Three on One Sparring

Advanced Sparring




w/Black Stripe

Side Kick / Back Kick from the Ground standing up into SDS

Front  Kick / Back Kick from the Ground standing up into SDS


Escape Maneuvers

#1 through #11


Refine all previous Techniques

Student should be able to execute all techniques with advanced level form, balance, speed, & power.






Continue Asst. Instructor training.

Red Belt

Front Hook Kick

(Front Leg)



w/White Stripe

Skip Hook Kick (Front Leg)

Advanced Sparring




w/Black Stripe





Escape Maneuvers

#1 through #12


Refine all techniques


Student should be able to execute all techniques with advanced level form,  balance, speed, power, and accuracy.


Continue Asst. Instructor training.


Brown Belt

High Sweeping

Hammer Fist

(Front & Back Hand)

Inside Crescent Kick

(from the Ground)

Outside Crescent Kick (from the Ground)



w/White Stripe

Spinning Hook Kick


Advanced Sparring




w/Black Stripe

Spinning Crescent Kick (Optional)


Escape Maneuvers

#1 through #15


Refine all techniques.

Instructor Training

Student should be able to execute all techniques with advanced level form, balance, speed, power,accuracy, & control.






Merchandise: A uniform is highly recommended for classes, but is required at tournaments and is available throughout the course. All Items are available for purchase in class or online. All sales are final, no refunds. Only exchanges within 8 days from the date of purchase.
















Beginner Black/White Uniform (Ideal for beginning students; white and yellow belts) $30

Traditional Karate uniform made of a poly/cotton

blend fabric. This uniform offers comfort and

flexibility without restricting movement.

 Heavyweight Blue Uniform (Highly recommended for orange and purple belts) $40.

Heavyweight 12 oz. 100% cotton pants and jacket.

Allow for slight shrinkage.

 Heavyweight Red Uniform (Available for green to black belts) $40

A symbol of achievement for the advanced student,

this heavyweight 55/45 cotton/poly blend fabric

uniform offers durability and a greater range of

For any additional information on our Cheer program please call our main office and ask for the cheer and dance department. (800) 956-6956