Martial Arts/Karate/Self-Defense & Safety Awareness

Our program combines safety awareness education with martial arts/karate/self-defense instruction. Weekly safety tips address the lures strangers use on children and teens as well as home-alone safety. We teach self-defense skills effective against "bullies" and "strangers" and a full range of marital arts/karate/self-defense techniques necessary for ranking purposes from White Belt to Black Belt. Youths participating in this program gain new skills, improve coordination and concentration, self-discipline and self-confidence. Throughout the year we host karate tournaments just for our students. Family and friends are invited to watch their "Young Champion" compete! Boys and girls ages 5 and above are invited to enroll in this comprehensive self-defense and martial arts program.

Martial arts/karate/self-defense classes meet once a week.
Uniforms, training and safety equipment are available for purchase at class and online.

Information from Self Defense Orange - Black Belt Student Handbook

Information from Self Defense White- Yellow Belt Student Handbook

Awards & Advancement

Each session, martial arts/karate students improve existing skills and learn new martial arts/karate/self-defense techniques.

Martial arts/karate students earn their belts starting with white, then yellow, orange, purple, green, blue, red, brown, and black.

Perfect attendance is rewarded at the end of each session. Martial arts/karate/self-defense students missing a lesson may take a make-up lesson and still receive the perfect attendance award! To make up a missed lesson, students take 2 classes back-to-back prior to the end of the session. Students may take the class prior to their normal class time or take the class following their normal class time. Please see the instructor for more information.

More about Awards & Advancement

Competitions & Tournaments

All students are prepared and invited to participate in our competitive martial arts/karate/self-defense events held on Sundays at the end of each session. Students compete with Young Champions students of similar age and skill level. Everyone goes home a winner! All competitors receive a participation trophy and compete for 1st - 4th place awards.

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The Young Champions raffle is a great opportunity to earn uniforms and gear available for sale at class. Students receive donations for raffle tickets from mom, dad, other relatives, neighbors and friends. Revenue from ticket donations is used to purchase merchandise recommended by instructors. Raffle donations may also be used to pay for tournament & spectator fees.

More about Raffle

Teaching Opportunities

If you enjoy working with youth and have experience in a sport we offer - have we got a fun job for you! Former or current cheerleaders, hip-hop dancers, martial artists, soccer players, basketball players, tennis players and artists are encouraged to apply. We provide training on how to instruct youth and we provide the curriculum. Classes are held evenings during the week, and/or Saturday mornings or afternoons. Earn a minimum $20/hour - apply now: (714) 259-1400.

If you are organized, dependable, have your own car, love to work with children, are spirited and fun, then you may be qualified to be a Young Champions Instructor!

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Parents desiring to get involved in their child's martial arts/karate/self-defense program may ask the instructor how and when they can help. Help when you want and as much as you want. We appreciate parental involvement and the kids love to see mom or dad be a part of their activity.

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