As a company Young Champions utilizes Facebook as a tool to stay connected with our coaches/instructors, students and parents. We encourage coaches, YC staff and parents to post positive comments or messages with questions; add photos, videos and post reminders. We believe it is important continue to promote class information, online registration and off date etc by keeping our students and families updated.

Our program combines safety awareness education with martial arts/karate/self-defense instruction. Weekly safety tips address the lures strangers use on children and teens, as well as home-alone safety. We teach self-defense skills effective against “bullies” and “strangers” and a full range of marital arts/karate/self-defense techniques necessary for ranking purposes from White Belt to Black Belt. Youths participating in this program gain new skills, improve coordination and concentration, self-discipline, and self-confidence. Throughout the year we host karate tournaments just for our students. Family and friends are invited to watch their “Young Champion” compete! Boys and girls ages 4 and above are invited to enroll in this comprehensive self-defense and martial arts program.

Martial arts/karate/self-defense classes meet once a week. Uniforms, training, and safety equipment are available for purchase at class and online.