Young Champions has been creating and enhancing youth programs for over 30 years. We engage in the instruction of martial arts/self-defense, cheerleading, dance, soccer and basketball for the athletic-minded youth of America. Since our inception, we have taught thousands of children and teens.

This experience has enabled us to provide affordable youth programs while still maintaining the highest quality and standards. Our curriculum and style of teaching are designed to build confidence, foster skill attainment and promote physical fitness. We are the leaders in youth recreation!

Young Champions’ mission is to enhance the lives of children and teens through programs that promote the development of lifetime skills of participation and enjoyment in recreation and sports.

Our History

Over 40 years ago, Bonnie Hood dreamt of creating a company that enhances children’s confidence, determination and self-motivation through the love of sports and activities. With the help of her family, Young Champions was created to provide affordable and fun recreational programs to all the families throughout the U.S. Her sons inherited the company and still continue the legacy today.

Our People

We have a team of highly-trained directors and staff working behind the scenes to manage our programs and to conduct our tournaments and competitions. We hire the nations’ best coaches and instructors to teach America’s youth. They teach all skill levels, while nurturing the development of students in their chosen sport. Directors and national champion coaches and instructors create curricula which are taught to thousands of youth on a weekly basis. Our instructors and coaches provide a fun, positive environment where youth learn, laugh and make new friends.
We invite your child to join Young Champions and experience the enjoyment and benefits of sports and recreation.

Our Directors
Young Champions is driven by dedicated and supportive Directors who have excelled at their own special sport/activity. They motivate the instructors and coaches to do their best in teaching high-quality classes to the youth of America. Young Champions gives a special thanks to our wonderful Directors!