This is a fun, high-energy program where students learn the fundamentals of hip-hop dance and choreography. Popular with both girls and boys, our program promotes artistic expression, movement and teamwork in a fun, musical environment. Hip-hop dance instructors choreograph a routine that students learn and practice throughout the session in preparation for our hip-hop dance competition! Family and friends are invited. Youth ages 5 and above are invited to enroll in this dance program. Hip-hop dance classes meet once a week.

Classes: Coaches choreograph a routine which all students learn and practice throughout the session in preparation for our Competition. Each week students continue to learn and add on new choreography to their routine. By expanding their knowledge of a choreographed dance they will learn dance technique, memorization, showmanship, variety of street dance styles and more.

 What to Wear to Class: There are no requirements for practice attire. It’s recommended to wear comfortable t-shirt and bottoms. Something you can move around and an athletic sneaker (No Flip flops or high heels).

 Competition: Our competitions run 4 times a year, one at the end of each session. Teams and coaches will show off their choreographed routine, which all students learn and practiced throughout the session. Family and friends are invited to attend. Students compete for awards and all participants go home with a participation competition trophy!

Merchandise: If your child will be attending competition at the end of the session, a YC t-shirt is the required uniform to perform in. (Each coach is able to add accessories or vote on in class themes to enhance their performance; these items are not sold by YC. They are purchased by parents.) All Items are available for purchase  online. All sales are final, no refunds. Please call Young Champions office for any discrepancies within 48 hours upon receipt of merchandise.


Dance Advancement and Achievement Awards:

Every session on the second to last class students will be involved in Tryout Activities.

There is a $10.00 Advancement/Materials Fee the following week which covers the cost of the Plaque and Certificate students will receive at their last class.  All students advance. Students are evaluated on either their dance routine they learned for competition or some coaches teach additional material for evaluations. Students with perfect attendance will receive a medal.


1st Session- advances to  Lil Hip Hoppers

2nd Session- Lil Hip Hoppers to Hip Hoppers

3rd Session- Hip Hoppers to Sliders

4th Session- Sliders to Shakers

5th Session- Shakers to Poppers

6th Session- Poppers to Stompers

7th Session- Stompers to Freestylers

8th Session- Freestylers to Krumpers

9th Session- Krumpers to Breakers

Last Class and Awards:

If you paid the additional material fee for evaluating/testing,  the instructor will hand out the awards the last of class.

For any additional information on our programs please call our main office and ask for the Cheer and Dance Department. (714)478-3793 or (714)425-4708