I have been teaching basketball for Young Champions for 2 years and overall, involved in the sport of basketball for 30 years. I am currently teaching in Tustin.

I’m a big fan of professional wrestling, especially Lucha Libre from Mexico and also the Strong Style from Japan. You can see me attending Lucha Libre events every month throughout Southern California and as far as south as Tijuana, Mexico!

To me the best part about teaching is Growth. Not only teaching or seeing kids make progress with their basketball skills, but also teaching them about life. Learning to respect their parents, authority, friends and teammates; but most importantly to value them. This will impact them as they get older in a positive way.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and currently working on my Masters to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. My goal is to eventually work with low-income at-risk kids and become a role model to them. I want them to understand that people do care and support them. They need to see that they can become successful in life as long as they put in the effort and become educated; there is more to life than the environment that they are currently in.