What Programs do you offer?

  • Cheerleading, Ages 4 – 15
  • Karate, Ages 4 – 15
  • Hip-Hop Dance, Ages 5 -15
  • Soccer, Ages 4 – 15
  • Basketball, Ages 7-15

Please view “Programs” for more information.

How can I find a class near me?

Click HERE to use our search engine for our data-base of classes. You can search by City, Sport, and/or location.

What day and time is my class? The day and time is included in the class description you find by using the class search engine.
How long are the sessions? There are 4 sessions a year, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. The sessions vary from 7 – 14 weeks in length.

How do I register?

You have two options for registration; you may either register on-line or in class up to the 4th week of each session. To register a class please arrive 20 minutes prior to class time.

Registration on-line: at www.youngchampionsca.com is strongly recommended as you can register any time at your convenience and avoid waiting time at class registration. Your registration info is saved & confirmed instantly, and accessible via cell phone.
Registration at class: please come 20 minutes before your class time to register and pay with cash or check only.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No; we are committed to providing high-quality Athletic Programs without the burden of a contract.

Payment options?

Young Champions offers two options; you can either pay in full or pay weekly. If you decide to pay in full for the entire session, classes are $8. If you pay weekly classes are $9 per week.

How can I pay? Online at www.youngchampionsca.com or at class with the instructor.
Is there a registration Fee? There is a one-time non-refundable registration fee of $8 per session.
Class Refunds? Are given for paid in full payments up to the 4th week of the session. You must call (800) 956-6956 to request a refund.
Merchandise Refunds? All sales are final, no refunds. Only exchanges within 8 days from the date of purchase.

How can you communicate with the instructor/coach?

You may communicate with the instructor/coach at class or using the social media icon on the home page. You will see an instructor/coach maintained Facebook page for each city and sport. Parents may write comments or messages to the instructor/coach. Young Champions also monitors the pages to make sure parents get a quick response. If you do not have Facebook account you may also email info@youngchampionsusa.com or call the corporate office at (800) 956-6956