How has Cheer benefited you most:

Cheer has benefited me most by improving my teamwork skills. Cheer leading taught me how to be a team player!

Reason you started cheering:

I started coaching because I love seeing students excited about being active and having fun!

5 words that describe your teaching style:

Exciting, loud, energetic, inclusive, and peppy

Most rewarding part of teaching youth:

The most rewarding part of coaching is watching my students grow up and getting to see them advance through levels as they get older. I love being able to help kids express themselves in a new way!

3 hobbies you have outside of cheer:

I love to paint when I am not cheering! I also enjoy thrifting, listening to music, and binge watching shows on Netflix! 

What have you taken with you from being in cheer?

I think the most important thing I’ve taken away from being in cheer is being able to relate to students. Coaching has taught me a great deal about patience. I try my hardest to be considerate of the students and their needs, especially those who may not feel as confident. These classes are for the kids and it is important to me that they are having fun.