How has Karate benefited you most?

Karate benefited me the most by helping me gain strong leadership skills that I can apply in any aspect of my life. 

Reason you started doing Karate?

I started doing karate as a kid because I really wanted to learn how to throw a punch, and my parents wanted me to be more athletic.

5 words that describe your teaching style?

Caring, Motivated, Innovative, Energetic, Adaptive

Most rewarding part of teaching youth?

I love sharing my passion for karate to such an enthusiastic group of students and having the ability to pass on values to the developing youth. 

3 Hobbies you have outside of Karate?

Hiking, baking pastries, watching Marvel movies

What have you taken with you from being in Karate?

From being in karate for over ten years, I have learned the value of discipline, hard work, and dedication; being able to pass on these values to young students has been an honor.